The Berger Collection

Sir Howard Hodgkin, CBE (b. 1932)
Storm, 1996-97
Oil on panel
34 5/8 x 39 in. (88 x 99 cm)

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Howard Hodgkin, one of the most distinguished British artists working at the end of the twentieth century, has developed a style of painting that falls between the traditional artistic categories of "abstract" and "figurative." Although he appears to produce abstract designs, he insists that he is always painting a subject from the real world, either an object, a situation, or a mood. The resulting works are bold and modern in style, but readable in the sense that it is possible to make out distinct descriptive elements. Hodgkin is particularly interested in the effect of pure color. He covers the canvas or wooden panel with layer upon layer of strong, thick brushstrokes. Usually, the paint also covers the frame, too, so that it becomes an integral part of the painting. Here he has produced a large, abstract work that reduces the depiction of a storm to the basic elements of a heavy clouded sky and distant horizon.


Gagosian Gallery, New York

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