The Berger Collection

Jan Siberechts (1627-1703)
A Pastoral Landscape, 1684
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated at lower right, . J . Siberechts . 1684 . f .
26 x 29 in. (60.6 x 73.2 cm)

Flemish artist Jan Siberechts was one of the first painters working in England to specialize in views of the countryside. He became known for his extensive landscapes, his interest in topographical detail, and his idyllic depictions of rural life. Before settling in England in 1673, Siberechts painted numerous pictures of women on horseback crossing a stream, each set in a recognizably Netherlandish landscape. In this work, painted after his move from Antwerp, Siberechts has reworked the well-rehearsed formula to represent a thoroughly English scene. In the foreground are several animals common in the north of England, particularly the long-coated hill sheep and steer. The tree is probably the oak, traditionally associated with England. In the middle ground, the costumes of the ladies are specifically English, particularly the broad-brimmed black bonnet worn over a tied white head scarf. The church on the distant hilltop, which is divided by characteristic hedgerows and crowned with a small copse, is also typically English. It is thought that the view shows the countryside around Chatsworth, Derbyshire, in the north Midlands of England, for it is very similar to a number of landscapes Siberechts produced of that area.


Mondschein & Co., Ltd., London, 1940; sale, Lempertz, Cologne, May 22, 1986, lot 106; Raphael Valls, London; private collection, U.K.; Christie’s, Amsterdam, November 10, 1997, lot 124; Sarandon Consultants Ltd., Tortola, B.V.I.


Literature: E. Plietzsch, Hollandische und Flamische Maler des XVII Jahrhunderts, 1960, p. 222, fig. 403

Exhibition: London, Sotheby’s Galleries, Exhibition of Masterpieces of Painting and of Craftsmanship, January 1940, no. 17.

Version: formerly Paul Larsen collection, London (as of 1931)

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