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Collection: John Constable (1776-1837)

John Constable (1776-1837)

The son of a wealthy mill owner, John Constable grew up in the village of East Bergholt in Suffolk on England’s eastern coast. In 1799 he left his father’s business to study at the Royal Academy Schools in London and exhibited his first paintings at the Academy in 1802. For the remainder of his life he divided his time between London and Suffolk, where he sketched and painted the local scenery. He also made occasional painting trips to other parts of the country. In 1824 he exhibited three works at the Paris Salon to great acclaim. He received a number of awards in France, where he was recognized as one of the major landscape artists of the day. At home, however, he received little recognition and was forever in the shadow of his contemporary J. M. W. Turner. He was elected an associate member of the Royal Academy in 1819 and elected a full member in 1829.