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Collection: Paul Sandby, RA (1725-1809)

Paul Sandby, RA (1725-1809)

Paul Sandby was born in Nottingham in the north of England. In 1747, he was appointed to a military survey in Scotland, where he developed a fine sense of observation and experience in the depiction of landscapes. He excelled at carefully recording the details of a particular landscape scene even in large-scale panoramic vistas, turning this skill into a marketable personal-trademark technique. Working primarily in watercolor and gouache, Sandby enjoyed a good reputation and throughout his career was active in the London art scene. In 1768, he was a founding member of the Royal Academy. The previous year, he had been appointed Chief Drawing Master at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, south London, a post he held until 1796. He also became drawing master to the young sons of George III and had a large circle of private pupils. In the 1770s, Sandby traveled through Wales making drawings and sketches of the landscape. He published his results in a series of aquatints issued in 1775.