The Berger Collection


The Berger Collection Educational Trust

The Berger Collection Educational Trust (BCET) was established to sponsor educational activities related to the Berger Collection, British art, and the people, culture, and history the works portray. Dedicated to making the collection an educational resource accessible to all, the BCET intends to develop programs that will connect people with art.

Trustees of the Berger Collection Educational Trust

  • Portrait of Ms. Katherine M.B. Berger
    Ms. Katherine M. B. Berger
  • Portrait of Mr. David S. Hayes
    Mr. David S. Hayes
  • Portrait of Mr. Cynthia L. Hayes
    Mrs. Cynthia L. Hayes
  • Portrait of Mr. Arthur Lipper III
    Mr. Arthur Lipper III, Chairman
  • Portrait of Mr. Daniel E. O'Leary
    Mr. Daniel E. O'Leary
  • Portrait of Dr. Timothy J. Standring
    Dr. Timothy J. Standring
  • Portrait of Mr. John Wilson
    Dr. John H. Wilson

The Bergers

William Merriam Bart Berger was born in Denver, a fourth-generation Coloradoan who passed away there in 1999. Following the Berger family tradition of caring for other people's money, Bill led a pioneering career managing mutual funds, for which he was nationally recognized. Bernadette Joan Johnson Berger, who passed away in 2015, was raised in Colorado, owned farms in Kansas, and worked as a securities trader and stockbroker, as well as being a supportive mother. Long-time collectors and patrons of the arts, Bill and Bernadette observed, "We have always believed that art, as well as music, poetry, and literature, refreshes and enriches our lives." Though natives of the American West, the Bergers chose to collect British Art. Their love of British culture was due in part to ancestral connections and business partners, and may have been sparked by Bill's experience working as an ambulance driver for the British army in World War II. By making their collection accessible, the Bergers hoped to foster a deeper understanding of art and history and to provide viewers with new insights into the world and themselves.

Visiting the Collection

The Berger Collection is housed at the Denver Art Museum, where a selection of artworks is on display on a rotating basis. For a virtual tour of the entire collection, click on the "Collection" tab at left.